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Rethinking Hell

Jul 30, 2013

The Rethinking Hell contributors and a few special guests join Chris Date for a supersized episode of the podcast, to celebrate our one year anniversary and discuss the past year of ministry, feedback from our readers and listeners, and the ministry … Continue reading

Jul 23, 2013

Dr. Craig Blomberg joins Rethinking Hell contributor Chris Date to discuss his criticisms of conditional immortality, and how evangelicals who disagree on the topic of hell should engage in the conversation. Links Dr. Blomberg’s faculty page at Denver Seminary His “New Testament … Continue reading

Jul 9, 2013

Dr. Jon H. Zens joins Rethinking Hell contributor Chris Date to discuss universalism and his book, Christ Minimized? A Response to Rob Bell’s Love Wins. Links Jon Zens’ website, Jon’s book, Christ Minimized?, available for purchase at his website “Searching … Continue reading