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Rethinking Hell

Oct 30, 2012

 Christian philosopher Jeff Cook joins Rethinking Hell contributor Joshua Anderson to discuss conditionalism and his recent book, Everything New. Promoted Resources The website for Everything New: The church at which Jeff pastors: The philosophy department of UNC...

Oct 17, 2012

Dr. Glenn Peoples joins fellow contributor Chris Date to discuss his open letter to traditionalists, and some of the reasons traditionalists are losing the battle over the doctrine of hell.   Promoted Resources Dr. Glenn Peoples’ blog “An open letter … Continue reading

Oct 4, 2012

Rethinking Hell contributor Chris Date answers common traditional objections to conditional immortality and the final annihilation of the unsaved.    Sources Cited Peterson, Robert A.; Fudge, Edward W. (2010-09-15). Two Views of Hell: A Biblical & Theological Dialogue (pp. 88-89). Intervarsity … Continue reading