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Rethinking Hell

Dec 29, 2018

Rethinking Hell contributor Chris Date responds to clips from a breakout presentation delivered at the 2015 Rethinking Hell Conference by his friend Lindsay Brooks, in which Brooks offers some criticism of conditional immortality on hermeneutical grounds. Also, listen for an important announcement about the upcoming...

Dec 19, 2018

Dr. Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, Professor of Systematic Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary, joins Rethinking Hell contributor Chris Date to discuss his take on hell and final punishment as a systematic theologian and his five-volume series, A Constructive Christian Theology for the Pluralistic World.

Dec 15, 2018

Rethinking Hell contributor Chris Date responds to comments recently made by James White on the Dividing Line, in which White rightly explains that biblical language of Christ shedding his precious blood means he died as a substitute in place of those for whom his sacrifice was made. Chris asks, if the blood of Christ...